IKEA Maze Game

IKEA experience is designed for people to get immersed in shopping items out of plan. This IKEA Game provided a simulated/humorous IKEA shopping experience

Tools: Processing, Kinect, TSPS, Madmapper, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.

Friends and teacher interact with it and have fun with it

Experience that you are shopping in Ikea


“I tried to follow the signs to finish the shopping experience but it guides me from a maze to another maze”

In the end, I shopped a lot of items such as dragon toy and bed blankets. As a student guest, even though I walked through it for almost 1 hour, I did enjoyed the fun experience of buying unexpected goods. The "Getting Lost" in IKEA was not just getting lost. I feel accomplished.

It reminds me of....

Start with builidng the forms in foamcore

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Play with Processing codes

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