Yoohoo is a modern autonomous travel system that helps solo travelers navigate around in a new city and meet other travelers all around the world.

My role:  UX/UI  designer, UX Researcher

Teammates : Hojung Kim(Product design) , Annie Pan(Product design), MoonYoung Ro(Graphic Design)


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Problems that happen as a solo traveller


Yoohoo offers the plan and navigations to hotspots. Yoohoo car will come you up soon.


Enable solo travellers to carpool, share memmories, and build connections 

Design the system from planning to keep memories for future connections

Our system helps solo travellers start with planning out the personalized trip. It ensures the solo travel experience is long lasting memory that bring travellers together all around the world. Yoohoo app keeps the memories even after the trip. It can be shareable memories that will keep travellers stay connected.

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It is not hard by starting with the plan.


Suggesting places to go before and during the trip

 The home pace offers three biggest user needs for yoohoo app experience: planning, navigation, and create or join a group. The star system allows travellers to mark places to go. Once start is clicked, the ride will be saved to user's calendar automatically.

Guide to Hotspots and meet other Solo travellers

By following the routes of Yoohoo app, it guides you to nearby hotspots and you will be  able to meet other travellers there . Also, you are able to create groups with them and start a trip instantly!


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Create and manage a group

Yoohoo app allows you to set up the time and group for a trip together, it is designed in a simple interaction for people to drag and drop. Yoohoo app also alerts traveller to check their plan list and update their status.

Shake your phone and becomes friends

Yoohoo app offers simplified ways for solo travellers avoid adding each other through inputing the codes or names. By simply shake hands together, they become friends and start a trip together at any time. 


Build future connections after the trip

Yoohoo app connects you and your friend at any time and anywhere. You are able to record your memories and upload to the group memory folder. Solo travellers are able to talk and meet again in the future!


Process and research