YOTEL in 2025

A futuristic Capsule Hotel frees young female travelers from the worry of time and safety during transfers in their trips.

For young age female travelers who concern about time and cost, and not in need of fine services, our robot service is extremely easy to use. For those who are doing spontaneous trips, unlike Marriot luxury goal.



Traveling is fun but can be tough and dangerous

Especially for female travellers.


How to keep the balance?
Define the problems and propose the solutions

1. What do female travelers care most during their trips?

2. What did they struggle with in the past trips?

3.How did they solve those troubles? What can we help?

4. Did those troubles leave them with bad memories and effects?


Enable female travellers to enjoy time efficient travel, without worries and danger


Design and bring the idea across the scenario

The biggest motivation that people would like to use Yotel at train station is to get it done fast and transfer to the next journey. Yotel at Union Station becomes an hourly-based stop for users to rest and stay safe.

Visually, I applied "shift" effects in the goal to help female travelers stay and leave efficiently. The typography brings the original Yotel brand from Tokyo and the color was chosen friendly to females.


Users are able to access the service easily and safely